FAQ 's

1. How do I make changes to my trip
Please put your request in writing and we will do our best to accommodate your changes
2. What happens if I need to cancel my trip 
3. What happens if the cruise is cancelled
4. How do we get to and from Ha Long Bay
Our mini bus will do a ‘’round robin’ pick up service to pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi to take you to the harbour to board The Carina. Or please state if you require a private car transfer which will be an additional cost
5. How long does the journey take to Ha Long Bay
Depending on traffic it takes about 3.5 hours one way. We have a 20 min stop for rest rooms and refreshments about an hour outside Hanoi
6. What health and safety measures are in place 
7. What happens if I am taken ill on board and need medical attention
Our crew have H&S training and we have the main 1st Aid facilities on board. Depending on what type of medical attention you need there is a doctor on call who can either come to the boat or we will take you to the doctor by tender 
8. Is hygiene good on board?
Yes, our crew are highly trained and work hard to keep vessel spotless , DO YOU WANT TO ADD ANYTHING HERE?
9. Is there a minimum age limit?
10. Can the whole Carina be hired out for a private group
Yes, it can and we are delighted to receive such requests. Please contact us in writing with the exact details as early as possible so that we can guarantee availability
11. What activities are there on board?
  • Sundeck for sunbathing
  • Evening fishing with our crew
  • DVDs/Films
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
12. Is smoking allowed? 
NO Smoking anywhere inside the vessel. Smoking is only allowed on the sun deck. NB - please not throw cigarette stubs into the water 
13. What electrical voltage/points are there
2 pin plug. If you have a 2 pin adapter please bring it with you 
14. Are there internet and phone access?
There is no internet available once you set sail but there is phone signal with most mobile phone networks. The phone system on board is internal only
15.  When is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay
  • January and February are cold, foggy and drizzly
  • March to June is the best period to visit. 
  • June to September is low season where there are good deals but beware of storms and bad weather.  
  • October and November is high season again and it is still sunny. 
  • December is cool and cloudy but dry. 
16. What happens if I  have special dietary requirements
No problem but we need to know in advance to give us time 
17.  Do I need to bring my passport?
18. Can I sleep out on the top deck?
Yes you can but this is at your own risk